Sirely Uniforms, Inc.


Site Use

Webiste herein refered to as "Site" is intended for informational and ordering purposes for the clients of Sirely Uniforms, Inc. All information that is gathered on this site is to be used to that effect. This site is to be used only for the purposes outlined. Should a visitor attempt to tamper with the site or place false orders/contacts, it is agreed that that is a clear violation of the usage policy that is outlined in this section. Visitor will then not be permitted to enter the Site again should Sirely Uniforms, Inc. and its managers come to that decision.

Login Access

Sirely Uniforms, Inc. does not provide a login interface with saved client information. Visitor hereby agrees and acknowledges that the login access provided on this site is for the sole use of Sirely Uniforms' managers and employees. Any attempt to access the system will result in the tracking of the Internet Protocol Address of your local machine and tracing the intrusion back to your internet service provider. Should Sirely Uniforms choose to do so it may, if the incident proved damaging, pursue the prosecution of the Visitor.

Online Ordering System

As a courtesy to its clients Sirely Uniforms offers an online ordering interface. This interface is to be used to place orders with Sirely Uniforms and only to that effect. All orders that are received take a minimum of two weeks to process. During the order process your personal information that was gathered through the order may be used by Sirely Uniforms to contact you and discuss the order. Once an order is placed, Visitor must contact Sirely Uniforms directly to perform the cancellation. After orders are placed an delivered you must contact Sirely Uniforms with any corrections or returns that are made for good and viable reasons. For information on this please request Sirely Uniforms' Return Policy.